Safest Craps Strategies

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Craps strategies are methods of play designed to give the player direction with his bets. The safest craps strategies are those that will attempt to increase potential winnings while minimizing the potential for a big loss. Play craps after learning more about the strategies offered below.

Safest Craps System

True to its name, the Safest Craps System is one of the safest craps strategies you can try. With this system, you place a don’t pass line bet on the come out roll. The player wins the odds if a point is hit and gets their money back if the player pushes. Once the point is made, the player will win a full unit on a roll of 2 or 3 and lose a full unit on a roll of 11 or 7. The probability of losing on the come out is just 13.9%.

Field Betting Craps System

To play the Field Betting Craps System, players follow a one-roll bet. Both mini-progression bets and straight bets can be used. The probability of throwing a consecutive non-field number is 17.18% for a 3 and 30.9% for a 2. The player has a 55.6% probability of hitting on a non-field number. The Field Betting Craps System pays out even money and is relatively easy for the player to put into place.

Craps strategies are not necessary to play the game, but can be useful for players looking for a structured way to get an edge. By following the safest craps strategies, you may not score huge winnings, but you should be relatively safe from bankrupting yourself in the game as well. If you need a break from the complexities of craps, you can always consider a run at the slot machines.

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