How to Balance Your Range in Online Poker

Online Poker

Why would you want your range to be “balanced?” Does it really matter? Actually, yes, if you want the best chances of winning the game, you need to make sure your range is balanced. Below are some important tips on how to do just that, and why it’s important.

Other Players Will Exploit You

When your range isn’t balanced, it gives other players the ability to exploit you. They will be better able to anticipate what you’re going to do, so it’s like giving them inside information on your game. They will make moves in an attempt to bait you and because you’re more likely to do one thing or another, they’ll probably succeed. When your range is balanced, you’re less predictable.

Balancing Your Range

The most important way to balance your range is to diversify your poker game. If you keep your game varied, then your range will be balanced, plain and simple. It makes it harder for opponents to be able to determine how you’re going to act at any given time. Make sure you pay attention to what you’re doing and that you balance out your moves, as long as they work well with the gaming situation you’re in at any given time.

When you’re able to balance your range, you will be at a better advantage because other players won’t be able to exploit you as much. Take care to pay attention to your range and your game play so you can adjust if needed.

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