Are You Addicted to Gambling?

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Most players understand that gambling is best played in moderation. However, some players do not realize how much money and time they are spending on gambling until it’s too late. Gambling is just like alcohol, drugs or smoking – in the wrong hands, it can be dangerous.

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Problem Gambler

Those that do not realize they are spending too much time and money on gambling are problem gamblers. Many problem gamblers are willing to admit they have a problem, but they cannot stop gambling because it’s addictive. Psychologists recommend that people that know they have an addictive personality should stay away from gambling. Doctors also suggest gamblers should contact mental health professionals if they have doubts about their ability to handle gambling. Are you worried your love of the game has become an obsession? Find out if your gambling has turned into an addiction.

Is Gambling Becoming an Addiction

What triggers should problem gamblers look out for when trying to figure out if they can handle gambling without it becoming an addiction? First, players need to determine if they have a pattern of addictive behavior. Whether it’s a compulsion for cleanliness, an addiction to chocolate or smoking, people with addictions need to steer clear from any and all temptations. Sure, this is easier said than done, but think about how much fun you are NOT having gambling. After all, addicts who gamble don’t see the fun in the game – they only feel the obsession. Plus, the minute you stop enjoying gambling is the first sign that something is wrong.

Limiting Gambling

Players with addictive personalities should start limiting their gambling by making strict personal rules about how long they should stay at the casino, as well as how much money they can afford to spend. Taking personal responsibility for gambling and creating a strict regime may curb addictive personality traits. You can also try taking regular breaks during gambling sessions. This is as simple as turning off the computer. Feeling helpless? There are man outreach programs that are willing to assist players who have become addicted to the game. Outreach groups include the National Council of Problem Gambling and Gamblers Anonymous. Most casinos also carry information about outreach groups available to problem gamblers.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, and there is no shame in that. Gambling should be fun, so if you feel obsessed with the game, talk to a professional.

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