How to deal poker cards in Texas Hold’em


The rules of dealing cards in poker is an art, the dealer’s ability to make an unforgettable show. The experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with all aspects of the game, regardless of whether you are a player, a poker club owner, or a casino employee. The distribution rules for beginner poker players will be useful to become a true master and understand all aspects of the game. Maybe in the future it will help you in opening your own poker room, or playing with friends.

The stages of dealing poker cards, which must be performed with each new game:

The shuffling of cards is truly a colorful moment, performed by a professional dealer. In order to avoid fraud, pay attention: the movements must be clear, uniform, execution in the sight of all players.

The preparation of decks for distribution is carried out by cutting and leveling. Execution of this stage with one hand is only an element of tricks, which has nothing to do with professional play, where the preparation of cards for distribution is performed with a special cut card. A deck aligned on the table is cut off the top (more than 5 cards), left next to it. Then, the lower part is placed on the removed top.

The philosophy of poker etiquette. The type of game played is the definition of the quantitative number, and the poker order of cards (poker 5, Omaha 4, or 2 for Texas Hold’em). There is a basic hand to the left of the dealer so that the full circle ends on the dealer. Players only see the backs of the cards during all stages of the game. The card revealed through the fault of the player cannot be replaced; the disclosure of cards through the dealer’s negligence is admissible to be replaced with the next card.

Poker card dealing rules

The task of shuffling is as unpredictable as possible the mixing of cards when dealing. In the absence of such, the effect of predicting the appearance of cards (English breaking a sweat) occurs.

Ripple shuffle splits the deck in half, then each piece is taken into a separate hand, the corners of the cards lean against. The cards are released in the dealer’s hands and shuffled.
Box 1⁄4 cards are laid out on the table next to the deck. This is followed by the second quarter, which lies on top of the first. the rest is done too.
An undercut shuffle deck is on the table, and the dealer offers one of the players to split the deck in half. After that, the lower half is shifted to the upper part.

Serving style

The European style touches only the top card, the dealer takes it to the left, then deals to the player, periodically twisting it.
An American style deck is held in one hand. Thumb and forefinger fix the front corner of the card to the right, swiping at the poker players.

How to deal cards in Texas Hold’em poker?

Each player gets 2 cards. All cards are face down. The small blind owner (to the left of the dealer) is dealt the first card. In the first round, this player bets 50% of the bet. All subsequent actions will be clockwise (raise, call or fold). Actions continue until one of the players folds or evens the bets or bets chips.

Deal on the flop. The second round of betting begins after all players have paid the blind or ante and dealt three cards face down.

Texas Hold’em is characterized by combinations of common face-up cards and hidden cards in hand. One more card is dealt by the dealer called the turn, the previous three flops. The third round of trading begins in a clockwise direction. The players are dealt the last community card, the river. After the 4th round, the cards are revealed. The winner with the strongest hand is determined by 5 cards on the table and 2 player cards.

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