partypoker Diamond Club VIP Duo on Target to Smash Old SNE Record

There is a race on at partypoker to see who can smash the old PokerStars SNE record - two grinders battling it out to achieve the Diamond Club VIP top level ahead of the 52 day record.

By: Andrew Burnett

PokerStars gave up on their SNE players amid much acrimony a couple of years back, and when partypoker launched their own version of it - the Diamond Club VIP programme - just over a month ago, there were raised eyebrows at the level of commitment needed from players to hit the ‘SuperNovaElite’-style targets.

Barely 38 days on and not only are the targets being hit, at least one player is in line to smash the old PokerStars record for reaching the highest level in the quickest time!

Back in 2015, Martijn "'Quadchrazs" Ardon hit the SNE targets in 52 days – a remarkable achievement - but his record looks set to be blown out of the water by one or both of the partypoker SPINS duo and with it comes a huge $200,000 bonus

In the new partypoker version, sp0ubledy and SunnyBooy are locked in a ferocious battle to see who can hit the $200k rake milestone first – with a 100% rakeback payday awaiting the race winner.

The partypoker VIP rakeback deal looked amazing when it was revealed, with up to 60% cashback as well as massive bonuses including $10,000 and $20,000 cash rewards for hitting milestones within a 12 month period – and as the tables below show players have already hit some of those! 

DC Elite Cash games

Username Rake in USD
I_AGAINST_ALL $51,657.29
yungmanco $33,050.42
greenforest303 $25,350.54

DC Elite Spins

Username Rake in USD
sp0ubledy $131,466.92
SunnyBooy $130,754.41
arianaGrande7 $107,807.97

Back at the end of January launch, Tom Waters, partypoker MD, stated: “We’re also offering 100% cashback to the first two players who can hit the $200,000 target separately across either cash games or SIT & GO JACKPOTS – meaning incredible value for two of our valued VIPs.”

With the SIT & GO JACKPOTS rebranded to SPINS just a week later, there seems to be no shortage of partypoker’s faithful players who are having a go at the race to the top – and among the cash game grinders I_AGAINST_ALL is way out front already.

Barely five weeks in to the challenge and he is already on an impressive $51,657.29 in rake, way ahead of the schedule to take down the parallel 100% rakeback bonus at the cash tables.

The players will also be looking to secure some of the other big bonuses on offer through the Diamond Club VIP programme, including a full package to MILLIONS World in The Bahamas this November (worth over $16k) and an entry to MILLIONS Online (worth $10,300)

The big question is – can the frontrunners break the record? Watch this space!


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